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Pawn Stars To Rent Out Shop for Parties

The news is in; the Pawn Stars are digging more money than expected as they have been reported to open their shop for private rentals, specifically for parties!

Drug Distributing At Dave N Barb’s Party Supplies

Around Ketchikan, Alaska a supplier of party rentals and needs had allegedly distributed drugs over the area.

Labor Day Party Ideas and Pitfalls

Labor Day, a federal holiday instituted to observe “the economic and social contribution of workers,” is one of America’s biggest excuses to throw a huge party and get totally hammered. Celebrated the first Monday in September, almost everyone gets a day off from work, prompting...

Create a Unique and Wild Wedding at Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo isn’t just about animals and aquatic life forms, it is the natural ambiance that aims to keep the connection of humans to animals.

Party Pad from Snooki & JWOWW

If you have an extra $12,000 in your pocket and you want to create an unforgettable party then you have to go rent out Snooki and JWOWW’s place in Jersey City.

IParty Parties Harder With Good News

iParty Corp is a Dedham, Massachusetts based company that sells party products and operates in 52 stores in New England and Florida. iParty intends to give consumers a successful party through their products and services.

NJ Firefighter Parties with His New Game Truck

More than 20 years in the field of firefighting and Craig Manning still hasn’t surrendered to the fires of getting burnt out. In 2011, Manning has decided to do things two at a time, continue fire fighting and open his new business – Game Truck!

The Miami Party Boat To Die For

Just around Tikki Beach in Miami, a very popular boat awaits party lovers within its unique form. A Miami party boat with its tiki theme attracted so many that even tourists and visitors come from different parts of the globe

San Diego Kids Party Rentals Now Offers Mini Mechanical Rodeo Bull

Named Angus McRodeo, this little mechanical bull is especially made for kids 5 years old and below and has been aimed to embark different kind of fun for kids parties this year!

Ferris Wheels into Cupcake Stands

San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals created a new way to make cupcakes more appealing to kids than it already was, offering hand-made cupcake stands that look more fun!

Wally’s Party Factory Extends Virtually

New website means new sales! Wally’s Party Factory has extended its reach by going digitally updated in this tech generation.

Best Party Rentals for Kids' Parties that Adults Can Enjoy

When you throw a birthday party or other celebration for your child, entertainment is one of the most difficult things to deal with. Items such as bouncy castles, mazes, clowns, magicians, trampolines, and so much more can be a hassle to deal with. Of course, it doesn’t help...

BirthdayExpress.com Partners With Evite

Two of the big names in social parties are coming together for a big blast! The BirthdayExpress.com and Evite, creates a partnership gives each other the benefit of exchanging supplies and demands in what they already have.

Marketing Your Party Rental Business Using Direct Mailers

Marketing your business need not be a hit or miss affair. You just need to be creative and try to explore what works or not. But also keep in mind make your costs more manageable. You can do this by focusing on a small target first and if it works, make the activity bigger.

Essential Wedding Party Rentals To Make Your Event Memorable

Throwing a wedding is one of the most important days in the life of young women. It’s also one of the most expensive, and one of the easiest things to mess up. So many things need to go write to ensure a perfect wedding, from the meals being served to the tables and chairs.

Party Furniture Rental - Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Event

Whether you’re throwing a simple birthday party for your kids or planning an extravagant wedding, getting the right furniture for the event is an essential part of the process. The wrong chairs, too few tables, and much more can go wrong, so several things need to be taken into...

Why Party Rentals Can Take Out the Stress

Many questions arise when trying to plan for a birthday or an event. More often than not, stress come to these organizers that lead to most failure performances during the event.

Finding the Right Table and Chair Rentals

Many things to be considered when employing the services of a party rental company, though some of the most important are the tables and chairs. Not only do you have to take into consideration the number of people who are attending the party or event you’re throwing, you need...

Using Party Bus Rentals For Event Transportation

When throwing an event, one often forgets that celebrating in style is just as important as arriving in style. While party rental companies focus on the aesthetic and setup of individual parties and events, a separate company can handle all of your transportation needs in style,...

The Wedding Reception Party Rental Guide

Renting out isn’t as easy, especially to those jittery and pressured fiancés who are about to get married within months. So, here are 9 tips to keep you guided in renting wedding party equipments!

Finding the Right Party Room Rental

Renting a party room can be a great way to celebrate a night out with the friends, hosting a special gathering for work, or welcoming home a beloved family member. It’s a convenient way to get everyone together and not have to worry about fighting the crowds or dealing with loud,...

Rock Climbing Party Tips

As much as bowling, movies, pizza parlors and roller rink parties sound interesting, they are just too common already! Finding a unique party is surely hard to achieve but trying out a new experience is easy, you just have to turn it into a party.

The Benefits of Party Equipment Rental

Throwing a party can be a hassle, especially when it’s a big one. In addition to providing all the food and refreshments (itself an expensive endeavor), if it’s a larger party, or one thrown on behalf of a company or another person, then you often have to provide much more than...

The Benefits of Using Party Tent Rentals

One of the most difficult things to deal with throwing a large party outdoors is the tents. Weddings, special events, and or just a giant lawn party to welcome people to the neighborhood, the logistics of getting and setting up a tent, followed by the inevitable post-booze sleepies...

Kate Bosworth Feels Like a High Schooler at Parties

A popular party is held in around Palm Springs, called the Coachella which is a fashionable music festival.

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