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Rental Scam Ruins Wedding

In Las Vegas, a big scam of rental homes for parties was recently reported. Over $3,000 was taken away from the wedding couple who was supposed to have a reception party nearby the church.

Martha's Vineyard Becomes an Obama Partyhouse

Obama's party is now being talked about as Martha's Vineyard becomes its primary area for the party, which was considered heir 8th day getaway from Washington.

Vacation Parties and its Alternative

Vacations are also considered an investment due to high costs and there are financing methods available for each.

Expo Party Rental Goes in Fresno

Originally located at Weber Avenue near Marks Avenue and Highway 99, Expo Party Rentals and Expo Decor has been providing furniture and equipment for big events such as parties, trade show and more.

Merry Makers Brings the Fun in Parties

Merry Makers started 13 years ago with a few services and products for party needs.

Exotic Bus Rental For Parties in San Francisco Makes an Entrance

Party busses from Exotic Limousine has made its way into the heart of San Francisco and this limousine company only aims to make customer experience memorable through their updated vehicle features and luxurious interiors.

Outdoor Movie Theaters and Trains Now Rented for Parties

A very unique fun house rental is now offering unique outdoor equipment to make the parties much more interesting.

Wide Selections at Tacoma Party Rental

Tacoma WA based company that focuses on party rental has recently launched its new products for rent.

Tips For Special Events Come from Party Rental

Pensacola, Florida based company Kents Special Events has given customers quality services and party rental needs since 1992.

Moon Jump's Discounted Inflatable Rental For School

Fund raising are often made by schools to help aid the needs in their facilities and events.

Rihana and Cara Cruise their Parties

Over at the French Riviera, over £300,000 were spent by 25 year old singer Rihanna and model friend Cara Delevigne for their little private party.

Event Rentals Unlimited, All About Top Quality

The known Atlanta company for party rentals called Events Rental Unlimited is all about top quality with products and services.

Newtown Party Rental, An Old But Sure Experience

Rent out your materials from those who are experienced.

Jersey Shore House Now for Rent

Parties can now be held at the Jersey Shore set as the owner opens the area to the public.

Atlanta Wedding Rentals Company Now Has New Chairs to Offer

Planning to have a movie inspired party theme? Here is one idea for you. Atlanta Wedding Rentals Company named Event Rentals Unlimited is now offering directors' chairs for movie themed parties.

Newtown Party Rental Bringin in Frame Tents for BBQ

With the various themes and parties available in the market, the demand for extra ordinary things are much needed.

Equipent Ready Online

Sometimes a party needs hard construction work that require equipment and if you are new in this, just looking for the right equipment is already hard enough.

Rent, Buy and Sell Party Shoes

A new site with a new and unique concept just launched recently called Just-Soles.com.

Yacht Rental and Boat Cruises in Chicago

Salboats is one of the good ideas to start a party in a unique concept and Chicago Sailboat Charters is offering the best ones for any romantic sail. This leading brand in Chicago ensures customers that they can rent for sailboat party trips that are good for ten people. In any...

Over 50 Years of Rental Services

Hall's Rental has everything you need, from plates to chairs and even to silverwares you need to create the perfect pristine party. Professionally handled, this 50-year old business has been renting out materials since 1958. Its home based found in Niles, taping into the Chicagoland...

40 New Bounce Houses For Festivals and Parties

Many festivals, graduation parties, weddings and celebrations are being held over the summer and Saginaw rental services companies have taken it as an opportunity to grwo its business.

Rent A Spouse Now Available

A couple in Texas has started a rent-a-spouse business which is literally about renting out a handy wife or a husband who could assist people who are short on help during events and occasions.

Global Etsy Party: A Meet And Greet Crafty Project

The Global Etsy Craft Party last year failed to succeed in giving a good party event but what about this year?

Panache Party Rentals Receives Award

Childhood Charity Share Our Strength has recently honored Panache Party Rentals for their dedication in bringing good will to the organization.

Make the Best Backyard Summer Barbecue

Fourth of July party means a barbecue, a backyard party and neighbors!

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