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Couple Finds Success In Party Event Center

Christopher and Brenda Newton are successful entrepreneurs. The locals at the Sumner County believe that the couple has great business acumen since it is quite apparent with the business they put up – the EPIC Event Centre.

Party City Halloween Sales Affected By Superstorm Sandy

Party City Holdings Inc. announced that its five-week Halloween sales figure was down 1.4% lower this year than the previous year. Sales, which ended on November 3, 2012, were only $358 million, or $5 million lower last year.

iParty Adds Fifth Member To its Board

iParty Corp, a party goods retailer, announced last November 30, 2012, that a fifth member will be added to its Board of Directors.

Rental Companies Can Help You In Throwing A Party

Planning a party but overwhelmed by doing the actual work? Or the items you have at home is simply not enough for your guests?

Selena Gomez parties with Taylor Swift

Two single girls have come together to party the night away.

Gov. Tomblin Hosts End of Year Party In West VA

Preparations are underway for the biggest party in Charleston, West Virginia.

Party Supplies Stores For The Holidays

After Thanksgiving, comes Christmas and then New Year! This is the time of the year when parties will be held almost every few weeks.

Party Supplies Company and Organizers Weigh in on Two Major Trends in 2013

A couple of party supplies company and party event organizers have been featured in the “30 Top Rental Companies” article of the Special Events 15th annual issue, which is also the November-December issue.

Hallie Berry Shopping For Party Supplies

It seems that Hallie Berry is planning a party even though she lost a custody battle with ex-Gabriel Aubry.

Party Store Fire Creates Panic Near Train Station

A party supplies store caused panic at Pakenham station, in Melbourne, Australia, after it burst into flames.

Party At St. Isidore and Save A Heritage

Local party-goers can save a local heritage by having doing it at St. Isidore Hall in Los Alamitos.

Holmes Beach Does Not Need To Be A Party Place

Changes are afoot at Holmes Beach after three candidates won the recent election.

Party Rentals for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for most this means family, friends, and turkey. Lots and lots of turkey. These pre-Yuletide gatherings often result in extravagant celebrations, so party rental companies have you covered.

Party Tent Rental Company Focuses On Customer Interaction

Heidrich plans to capitalize on something which his competitors don’t focus on, customer interaction.

Jumbo-Sized Photo Booth Now Available At Ovation Photo Booth Rentals

New Yorkers who love to party also love taking group shots. Now, one company can accommodate those party-goers who love taking group shots!

Omaha-Based Party Company Saved By Warren Buffet

Oriental Trading Co, a toy and party supplies company based in Omaha, Nebraska, found a savior recently in the person of Warren Buffett.

Party Places In Europe

Partying is so much fun when you are with a group of friends. To make it a private affair, you can opt to rent a villa.

Enjoying Halloween Without Blowing Your Budget

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. People go out their way to dress up and enjoy Halloween parties.

Stores Prepare For Last Minute Halloween Frenzy

Preparation for Halloween comes several months before the day itself. Ehrle’s Party & Carnival Supply can attest to that fact.

20 Costumes You Can Get Inspiration From

Halloween can give you nightmares especially if you don’t have the right costume to impress other party-goers.

Party Items On A Bargain At Dollar Store

Are you planning to have a party but on a limited budget? Do you think that the items being sold at your local party store are quite pricey?

Divorce Parties, Now Becoming A Good Business

They say that one of the hardest experiences a couple goes thru is divorce. What better way to forget the pain and the anguish by throwing a divorce party, right?!

Dumpster Rental Expands To Asheville, NC

Everyone, and I mean everyone, accumulates all sorts of trash. It is not just individuals who collect; even businesses are not immune to collecting trash.

All Your Party Needs Under One Roof

Getting your party supplies at Morganton, NC has never been easier especially now that Bazinga Party Store just recently opened. The store is located at 1553 E. Union St.

An App That Allows You To Crash Parties

Shep Moyle loves parties so much that he and his family have invested $500,000 to develop a mobile application or app that allows users to find out where the party’s at!

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