Cleaning tips after throwing a party at home

Throwing a party is definitely tiring yet fun and exciting. You will get a chance to see and chat with your family, friends and colleagues. You can drink, sing, dance, play some games and party all night.  You will not feel exhausted nor drained until the party is over.

If you are one of the attendees, you are so lucky because when the party is over you just need to go home, take a shower and sleep. But, if you’re the host or the owner of the place where the party was held, you’ll start to feel weak once all your visitors are gone and you started seeing all the mess, the trash and all the things that you need to clean up. Worry not too much, as here are some tips on how you can clean your house or your place after the party.

Stains and spills. Use cloth or paper towels to blot liquid up, we need to clean it the soonest.  This will prevent the stain to set into your carpet, curtain or sofa. Better if you will change the covers after party if in case there were stains left.

Utensils, plates and glasses. Collect these things from the dining area, tables, side tables and corners. Put directly into the sink and then soak into water with small amount of washing detergent for some time, this will help you to scrub dried stains easily. Make sure to dry those things up before keeping or putting into the drawer.

Plastic and glass bottles.  Empty the filled ones before putting into the sink. Soak into water for some time to remove stains and then you can either keep it for decoration purposes or sell those. Plastic bottles can be thrown directly into the trash bins too.

Broken glasses or bottles. Make sure to use something that will help you pick up the glass pieces correctly. This may cause wounds or might cut your fingers, so make sure to do it properly.

Sweeping and Mopping. Once you’re done with the dishes, sweep the kitchen and the party area; make sure to collect all the garbage into the trash bag. Mop the floor using scented mopping solution to help you clean and disinfect your floor.

Cleaning may be tiring but having a dirt-free area will make you feel great and comfortable.  

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM