First Things First: 1st BDAY

Having a baby is indeed a blessing, full of excitement and happiness, there will be times of hardship but definitely the smile, the voice and the touch of your baby can easily turn it to cheerfulness. Our babies can easily twist our moods into joyfulness; they can easily bring back smile into our face and can even make us feel always strong despite of all the things we have accomplished every day. These are the reasons why parents are so excited to prepare and give the best first birthday party to their child.

Here are some tips to make it extra special:

1. Party Theme
The party is for the baby but definitely he or she will not understand anything yet when your baby turned one, and so the great thing to do is to make sure that we will catch his or her attention by using his or her favorite character/s on his or her party. 
2. Guest list
You already selected the appropriate theme and now it’s time to list down your preferred guests. Remember that counting them is much better than relying on estimate number; this would definitely lessen the pressure during the party.
3. Venue
Place where we will celebrate the birthday is very important as we need to ensure that we would be able to accommodate all the guests. You should also consider the distance of the place to your special friends and families that are invited. 
4. Amazing cake
Cake will always symbolize birthdays and definitely we want it beautiful. You can bake to make it more special or you can order from cake shop where in you can give your preferred style or decoration.
5. Food/Menu
It would be better if you have a separate food for kids. Also, take into consideration the drinks that will be distributed to them as most of parents would prefer their child to drink juice instead of sodas. Make sure that the quantity will match the number of guests.
6. Photos
Pictures are very important; the celebrant would definitely be happy and thankful for the party that you prepared for him or her in the future.
7. Activities/Programs
To entertain and gather each and everyone’s attention program is very important, this would be a big help especially for those parties held on restaurants where you are given number of hours to finish the party. And to make it more fun and enjoyable think and include games that would let your families and friends participate.
8. Decorations
Decorate the venue; put some banners, balloons, picture of your baby from first to twelfth month.  Use plates or utensils that will match the theme if available. 
9. Giveaways
All of us love receiving gifts, give your guests something that would make them feel that you’re thankful as they are present on your baby’s special day. This can be candies, cookies or small stuff. 

Once you’re done preparing all these, definitely you will have wonderful and best first birthday party ever! Celebration will run smooth and all will be happy.

Posted on February 26, 2014 at 10:00 AM