Hitting the Spot

An all white party place has not yet lost its touch but having bold spots that catch attention thru bright colors can keep it looking in style and updated. According to Props for Today co-founder, Dyann Klein, the trends of today are all about accentuating the areas with bright colors.

The trend forecast for fall includes colors in plums, purples and blues. These tones look richer and can adapt to a Moroccan theme or a gypsy trend.

“Just a few strategically placed props can make an event stand out,” Klein says. “An all-white lounge can be very cookie-cutter, but add pedestals with large white Grecian busts and no one will forget it.”

Children parties of this generation aim for a “tween factor” nowadays. Plain kiddie themes are not enough, rather bumper cars or sparkly things can create a “cool” mood for children. If you are preparing a graduation party, antique or leather inspired themes are suggested.

More conveniently, a trend that could change the world is probably the best one yet. A recycling, rustic or a re-purposed theme for a party is trending in this environment-concerned year.

“The recycled, ‘Restoration Hardware’ look—and anything eco and natural, for that matter—is very strong right now,” Klein reports.

As simple as a large tree-trunk table, the party could immediately send a message to the guests and even create a dramatic focal point.

Posted by Diane Araga, on September 10, 2012 at 9:00 AM