Rental Dresses in Other Areas

In the previous article, it has been said that buying out another dress could simply be a burden to some people, especially those who need to go to a ton of events. Elizabeth Patty was the main example as she goes to plenty of galas in the area. In another area, Lindsay Lewis faces the same problem as she goes to nonprofit local events. It is required as she is the executive director of the organization and buying new ones was too expensive. 

It is a good thing though that Lewis found Twin Cities Boutiques' "Stephanie's" around St. Paul. There is another dress rental shop found in Minneapolis and it is called "For Tonight." Both of which offer dress rentals and designer clothes for less. 

“You can’t try the dresses on, so you’re taking a slight risk,” Lewis said.

The 31-year old lady gives this shop a two thumbs up as she rents dresses that are designed by Nicole Miller, David Meister and Tibi. 

“This is a fabulous concept, because it offers you the opportunity to keep trying new things and having fun without the guilt of spending so much on something you’re not going to wear much,” Lewis said as she picked out the Cinderella theme party dress in gold for the Children's Theater Party. 

The shops offer these dresses well cleaned and dry cleaned for only a price of $62. In retail, the Shoshanna dress set (the gold Cinderella dress) was $348! 

Owner Stephanie Morrissey of Stephanie's couldn't name the service any different as it is entitled as "Dress for the Occasion." 

“We found that a lot of our customers were going to six weddings in one summer or multiple events in one season,” said Morrissey. “we’re exposing new clientele to our store.”

Posted by Diane Araga, on December 20, 2013 at 10:00 AM